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Boss So Hard

Jan 27, 2019

 This week on the podcast we chatted with Elisha McGhee on Fear vs. Clarity. So much shit can get in the way of what it takes to get clear. Clear on what to do. Clear on how we feel. Clear on our truth. Clear on what’s next. Clear on why. And the shit is normally a cocktail of fear, hiding, other people’s opinions....

Jan 20, 2019

This week we chatted with Brittany Bullock around how she have overcome the fear of others and just pushed forward! After listening to this podcast you will have an understanding around:

  • How did you determine you were enough?
  • How do you handle decision making?
  • Remove defensive people who do not believe. 
  • Playing...

Jan 13, 2019

This season we are discussing removing all fears from our life. Fear is always placed with a barrier but we gotta shift our minds, push through and say f you fear! We interviewed Erin Patten CEO of Dao Detroit and she shares some valuable advice.