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Boss So Hard

Aug 26, 2019

We are chatting with Kalilah Wright on how she created her business, Mess in a Bottle. She left a 6-figure job as an architect to start her business even with all the ups and downs in between! Small Business, Big Dreams require grit, determination and a whole lotta prayers. And did we mention thick skin? The kind of...

Aug 19, 2019

How do you jump and go after your dreams when it feels so scary, so far away and so hard… We are chatting with Koereyelle on how she just jumped and went full throttle after her scary big dream that pushed her into her purpose. Now is it easy, heck no, but it sure is worth it!

Aug 12, 2019

The energy is high, the stars are aligned and magic is thick! The beginnings are the most exciting part of our careers, rather we just got that big raise, just received our first job or we are launching our new business. When we hear ready set go, nothing can stop us. We are chatting with Mandy & Star founders of...