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Boss So Hard

Sep 25, 2019

When things don’t go exactly the way you plan but moving forward is your only option. So many of us have been there when we thought it would end up one way, but we got side-tracked and took a different road.

Sep 16, 2019

Progression is a beautiful art form. Once you get started no one can stop you. When you are on the verge of bigness a glow surrounds you. But we all know so well that getting there is not easy. We are chatting with Nkem Okofar on how her progression started and what she is doing to keep it in motion.

Sep 9, 2019

Driving the mission, vision and plan forward when no one believes it can happen is the most difficult thing you can do. Naysayers can discourage but they do not own your destiny. We are chatting with Lauren McKinnon, Founder of Project Mockingbird, on how she just kept swimming to create and cultivate the career of her...